5 Ways To Increase Blog Visitors

For a blogger or online businessman, the number of visitors is very important because all bloggers or online business people want their blog to be famous and can be a profitable business. There are actually many ways you can do to help increase the number of visitors to your blog or website. Some efforts to increase traffic to your blog can be done for free, but there are also traffic sources that do require capital. In this article, we will try to explain several ways to increase potential traffic to your blog, either for free or by paying. Although there are many ways that you can do, not all of them can match the type of blog / website that you have. You must be wise in choosing traffic sources so that the results are maximized.

Through Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites were originally created to help netters save the website addresses they like, making it easier for them when they want to open the website at a later date. In its development, social bookmarking sites are often used for SEO optimization and also to get traffic. You can save your blog / website URL or blog post URL to social bookmarking sites, in the hope that other users will be interested in the submitted URL. Next, they will visit your site with the social bookmarking media. In addition, social bookmarking sites also often get traffic from search engines. The possibility to get traffic from social bookmarking sites is quite potential and should be put to good use.

Posting Ads on Social Media Sites

Facebook is the most effective social media for advertising because the conversion of ads on social media on this one has proven to be very good. On Facebook Ads, we can choose the target audience that best fits the category we need, this is what will affect the effectiveness of the advertisements we install. Facebook Ads is a tool to increase traffic but in a paid way. Based on experience, advertising on Facebook Ads is very easy to do. You can set how much budget you want to spend on an ad click, and you can also set a target audience that suits your business.

Via Blog Walking

Blog walking is the activity of visiting other people’s blogs / websites that are still related to your blog, then leaving comments on that blog / website. There are many blogs that provide a column to leave a website URL for people who comment on their site, this is what should be put to the best possible use. Never leave SPAM comments on other people’s blogs because that will only give you a bad image as a person. blogger or internet marketer. Make it a habit to read articles that are written first before leaving comments so that you understand to give appropriate comments

Installing PPC Ads

Google Adwords is the most well-known PPC advertising media company today. This Google-owned company already has a very large number of advertisers and publishers around the world, including in Indonesia. The advantage of Google Adwords is that the ads that appear on their publisher sites are those that match the article. This is a paid program from Google to increase the traffic of your blog.

Posting Ads on Online Classified Ad Sites

Another way to get traffic to your blog / business website is to take advantage of classified ad sites. Actually there are many classified ad sites that provide classified ad space for free, but we prefer paid ones because usually the results are much better than free ones. You don’t need to do all the marketing strategies to get traffic to your blog. The most important thing is that you have to understand about your own blog first, so that you can know which strategy is more effective for increasing the traffic of visitors to your blog / website. The first step you can take is to register your blog or website using a trusted web hosting. Idwebhost is a web hosting service that you can use. There, you can find a variety of attractive features at a low but high quality package price. Idwebhost also has the latest technology with fast, reliable, and stable servers from the best data centers. So what are you waiting for? Register your website using Idwebhost.