Cloud Computing What Is It and What’s The Big Deal

ExtremeTech reports that Mozilla plans to include ads in its Firefox browser. There are currently nine tiles displayed in new browser tabs that are only filled in by frequently visited web pages. If you’re a new Firefox user, you’ll be faced with little more than a pile of blank tiles – useless. To provide a … Read more

Feeding the Poor Contribution of African Fisheries to Employment and Food Security

Fishing is an important economic livelihood throughout Africa, from which 200 million Africans benefit directly or indirectly through food and income. Although they are rarely mentioned in global food security debates, small indigenous fish species have always played an important but undocumented role in the African food system. On the banks of rivers, swamps, lakes … Read more

Effect of Electrofishing Pulse Shape and Electrofishing Induced Spinal Injury on Long Term Growth and Survival of Wild Rainbow Trout

Flatfish like sole or plaice are some of the most important fish in the Dutch fishing industry. Up until a few years ago, fishing fleets used a different method to catch these fish, which are usually found on the seabed. Back then, fishing was done with a tree trawl, a heavy steel girder to which … Read more

Human Navigation and Magnetoreception The Manchester Experiments Do Replicate

Bird migration has fascinated people for a long time. The question of how birds find their way on their biannual flights has been of great interest to both amateur orithologists and professional scientists. The migratory birds use information from various sources for orientation. Various orientation experiments with wild-caught and captive birds have shown that they … Read more

Two Masters of Egyptian Ammiyya Poetry

When the young Maysara El-Din made his first attempts at walking as a poet in the late 1990s, he hesitated briefly: Should he write in Standard Arabic? Or rather in Egyptian? First he tried standard Arabic. But soon he finally decided to only write his poems in Egyptian. There are now three volumes of poetry … Read more

Fundamental Problems of Movement of Cilia Eukaryotic Flagella and Related Systems a Seminar Held Under The U S Japan Cooperative Science Progam

Tokyo (Reuters) – Because of the worst technical glitch in decades, trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was down all Thursday. The exchange operator attributed this to a problem with its “Arrowhead” trading system, and it was also not possible to switch trading to an emergency system. It was the first time since electronic trading … Read more