Agent-based manufacturing service discovery method for cloud manufacturingThe International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


Liang Guo, Shilong Wang, Ling Kang, Yang Cao
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Cloud manufacturing analysis based on ontology mapping and multi agent systems

Salman Saeidlou, Mozafar Saadat, Guiovanni Jules


The L. C. Burdick Manufacturing Co Ltd.

Cloud-based Manufacturing: Old Wine in New Bottles?

Dazhong Wu, David W. Rosen, Lihui Wang, Dirk Schaefer

Research of Resource Virtualization Technology Based on Cloud Manufacturing

Chun Quan Li, Chun Yang Hu, Yan Wei Wang



Agent-based manufacturing service discovery method for cloud manufacturing

Liang Guo1 & Shilong Wang2 & Ling Kang2 & Yang Cao2

Received: 18 October 2014 /Accepted: 26 April 2015 # Springer-Verlag London 2015

Abstract The development of new generation information technology has brought opportunities for industrial production model innovation. Especially, the cloud computing, Internet of

Things, and big data technology are widespread applied in industrial fields. Based on this tendency, a service-oriented networked manufacturing model called cloud manufacturing (CM) was proposed in 2010. In order to realize this manufacturing model, one of the key technologies is how to achieve the discovery of manufacturing service which has not found a suitable solution. In this paper, a manufacturing service discovery framework based on agent is provided. The architecture consists of two parts: one is that manufacturing task agent and manufacturing service agent based on the expansion of the object model, and the other one is task and service matching process knowledge base. Furthermore, a structural matching method is proposed to implement the static parameters matching of task agent and service agent, and a multi-agent system bid mechanism is built to accomplish the dynamic parameters matching of the two agents. A simulation environment based on JADE has been properly developed. The simulation shows that the discovery method can effectively achieve the manufacturing service discovery in CM environment, which provides technical support for the cloud manufacturing service platform development.

Keywords Cloudmanufacturing . Service discovery .

Multi-agent . JADE



TN TaskName

UN UserName

UA UserAddress

CA ClassA

CB ClassB

PN PartName

MF MainFeature

MFL MainFeatureLength(mm)

MFW MainFeatureWidth(mm)

MFD MainFeatureDiameter(mm)

MFH MainFeatureHeight(mm)

PML PartMaxLength(mm)

PMW PartMaxWidth(mm)

PMD PartMaxDiameter(mm)

PMH PartMaxHeight(mm)

MTT MachineToolType

PC PartCount

MS MaterialSource

MT MaterialType

MN MaterialName

SQ SurfaceQuality

MP MachiningPrecision

VD ValidityDate

MC MaxCost(¥)

SID ServiceId

SN ServiceName

PN ProviderName

PA ProviderAddress

SCA ServiceClassA

SCB ServiceClassB

SPMaL ServicePartMaxLength

SPMiL ServicePartMinLength

SPMaW ServicePartMaxWidth * Liang Guo 1 School of Mechatronic Engineering, Southwest Petroleum

University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China 2 Chongqing University, The State Key Laboratory of Mechanical

Transmission, Chongqing 400044, China

Int J Adv Manuf Technol

DOI 10.1007/s00170-015-7221-0

SPMiW ServicePartMinWidth

SPMaD ServicePartMaxDiameter

SPMiD ServicePartMinDiameter

SPMaH ServicePartMaxHeight

SPMiH ServicePartMinHeight

PMW PartMaxWeight(Kg)

MB MinBatch

PMT ProcessMaterialType

MS MaterialSource

MSQ MaxSurfaceQuality

MMP MaxMachiningPrecision

SV SystermVisitor

SIV SystermIntervalVisitor

SD StartDate

ED EndDate 1 Introduction

In recent years, new generation information technology has brought rapid development. Especially, the cloud computing (CC), Internet of Things (IoF), and big data technology are widespread applied in industrial fields. A new serviceoriented networked manufacturing model called cloud manufacturing (CM) was put forward based on this tendency [1]. The CM is a new type of manufacturing model, which is based on cloud computing business model. The main characteristic of CM is that the various manufacturing resources are gathered into virtual resource pool by virtual technology, and the user can visit the resources or query them by the cloud platform.What's more, the CM is the development of previous manufacturing models [2–4], especially the development of manufacturing grid [2, 5, 6].

However, the CM is more open and dynamic than manufacturing grid, and facing many new problem need to research. A large number of model research and implementation technologies are proposed to assist the realization of CM recently. F. Tao et al. proposed a CC and IoT-based cloud manufacturing service system and its architecture [7]. Xun

Xu analyzed the influence of the cloud technology to CM and proposed a sustainable manufacturing cloud-solution for rapid development of customized products [8]. F. Tao et al. proposed a parallel method for service composition optimalselection in cloud manufacturing system. Shi-longWang studied the resources optimization strategy under mechanical processing environment [9]. Huang B. et al. proposed a new chaos control optimal algorithm to solve the quality of service (QoS)-based service composition selection [10]. Xiang F. proposed furtherly a service optimization model-based QoS and energy consumption and given a group leader algorithm to solve it [11]. F. Tao et al. designed a five-layered structure resource intelligent perception and access system based on

IoT [12]. Wang T et al. structured a manufacturing task semantic modeling to realize the unified description of manufacturing tasks [13].

The above researches are very valuable to promote the realization of CM, but one of the primary works is to set the relationship between demand and resource, so-called resource discovery, is not deep enough. Actually, establishing the resource recovery mechanism must be attached in a specific operation pattern of CM [14]. The development trend of CM pattern research is oriented to the various stages of product life cycle, such as the cloud simulation platform (CSP) which is

Fig. 1 Cloud manufacturing operation principle

Int J Adv Manuf Technol developed by the Beijing University of Aeronautics and

Astronautics [15]. This pattern of resource discovery mainly aims at computer software resources. Through the discovery of simulation software, it realizes the sharing of simulation software which is same as web service model. In addition, the process-oriented CM system development is mentioned particularly in the research of current CM development tendency [14], but it is not yet mature. The demand expression