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Accounting History Review

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Accounting History publications 2011

Malcolm Anderson

Published online: 12 Oct 2012.

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Accounting History Review

Vol. 22, No. 3, November 2012, 301–305

Accounting History publications 2011

Compiled by Malcolm Anderson

Below are listed 2011 publications, in English, within the general area of accounting history.

The definition of what constitutes an accounting history article is not always a straightforward matter, and the description has been interpreted fairly broadly to include any accounting article with a significant historical input. This listing also draws upon accounting papers revealed in

Historical Abstracts using the search words employed by Walker, S.P. (2005) ‘Accounting in

History’, Accounting Historians Journal, 33(2): pp. 233–59. For business history articles, see

Business History. For a review of financial history publications, see Financial History Review.

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